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Thank You, Rowena!

Saturday, March 8th was Rowena's final episode of "All Things Country."
After 9 years and 400 programs of dedicated volunteer work for HPR, Rowena is taking a much-needed, and well-deserved hiatus from broadcasting. It is hard to find words to truly express our gratitude to Rowena. Her deep love of the music she has presented to us during these years shined through in each and every show she produced from her home studio in Southern California. Rowena's "All Things Country" brought us an additional dimension of Country Music which steered us away from the mainstream for a couple of hours each week and allowed us to experience newer music true to the traditional sounds which we hold so dear within our hearts along with older tunes that may have fallen through the cracks.
We hope Rowena misses doing radio as much as we're going to miss her, because we want her back. And back she hopefully will be in the future as time and life permit.
Rowena, Heartland Public Radio is always your home when you're ready to drop the stylus onto the vinyl and say "Howdy" again. In the meantime, thank you, and so long!
You can thank Rowena yourself during her hiatus by emailing her: rowena@hpr.org; that address will remain active.

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