Heartland Public Radio

Classic Country and Bluegrass Gospel


Heartland Public Radio is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and broadcasting the traditional sounds of Classic Country music and the soul-soothing sounds of Bluegrass Gospel music to the entire world via the Internet without commercial interruptions. Our mission is to keep this music alive and available for future generations free of charge by making these broadcasts accessible via as many devices as possible including smartphones, tablet computers, set-top Internet Media Streamers, laptops, and desktop computers.

HPR does NOT receive any government funding. Our only source of operational revenue comes from the direct support of our listeners. HPR does not interrupt our audio broadcasts with in-stream commercial announcements.


Retransmission Consent

In accordance with our mission, Heartland Public Radio, Inc. grants all end users full consent to retransmit any of our broadcast signals at any time using any technology or means to do so. Click Here for a printable PDF of our current retransmission consent form.


Privacy Policy

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